Our Philosopy

buy businesses that are simple to understand

Warren Buffett theory

“Market price and intrinsic value often follow very different paths-sometimes for extended periods-but they eventually meet”

Do you want your investments to work for you?

A The most essential part of investing, in our view, is also the most crucial: future earnings power. We have learned to view risk as whether or not we receive our money back, and not what the daily gyrations of the stock market momentarily claim our companies are worth.

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We help investors find companies that are able to increase their prices as costs inflate, deleverage their assets when times get lean, and scale up business during boom cycles; strategies that have assisted the best investors compound their returns in excess of the S&P’s returns for nearly half a century.

experience profitable investment solutions

A well managed portfolio is one that is positioned to assist the investor in the event that any of the aforementioned economic occurrences take place. By valuing quality companies at their approximate fair price, the end result should be nothing less than satisfactory over a long enough time horizon

Implement portfolio solutions That were created for market swings

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the stock market (Dow Jones Industrial) started at 68 in 1900, ran to 680 by 160, ended the centruey at 11,500 in 2000 and closed at 18,100 on December 26, 2014, This great return occureed with many wars, depressions/rescessions and other major economic and political challenges. If one believes that America will coninue to grow its productivity, which we do believe, then it is important for investors to take ownership in the American stock market.